From the FLOE Optometry family,

2020 has been interesting and filled with surprises, to say the least. The tragic and global spread of COVID-19 has affected all of us to some extent. In these times, every person, family, and business plays a vital role in responding to the adversity by adapting and helping one another.

At FLOE Optometry, our focus is your wellbeing. Our goal is to open a first-class, efficient, and safe Optometry office in every neighborhood. Our team is excited and as inspired as ever to reach everyone with our services supported by knowledgeable doctors, innovative technology, and carefully designed safety measures.

Built with You in Mind

Every FLOE Optometry office is thoughtfully designed and built from the ground up by our experienced FLOE construction team in order to utilize space efficiently and provide for intuitive, fluid movement and patient flow. Additionally, our open and airy optical showrooms benefit from plenty of natural sunlight, which not only highlights the beauty of our frames but also helps provide for a sanitary environment.

Your Safety

We’ve thought of every possible detail to protect our patients.

Every room is cleaned and sanitized by our beloved staff before and after every patient.

  1. Cabinets and furniture are custom-made and hand-picked to not only be beautiful and comfortable, but easy to clean and sanitize.
  2. Rather than the traditional office layout, we use custom-made modern tables, iPads on stands, and contactless check-in procedures.
  3. Plenty of hand sanitizers are available and masks are required.
  4. HEPA air purifiers are strategically placed to keep the air clean.
  5. Our Optical Dressing Rooms are private, semi-enclosed spaces in which patients can comfortably try on frames and also complete purchases via contactless pay.
  6. All frames are thoroughly inspected and pass through a UV sterilizer.

Our Commitment to You

Looking ahead, there will be many more mountains to climb. FLOE Optometry will continue to meet those challenges with determination, creativity and community. Our response to the challenges COVID-19 brings is ‘Preparation and Adaptation’. We are prepared and ready to lead a new wave of improved optometry practices. Our mission has always been to inspire and impact the future of eye care so that every person can experience clear vision. We won’t stop.